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Assignment 5 & 6 – Comparing Images & Biography

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Assignment 5 – Pick one set of the following 3 sets of  images to write a critique in which you discuss the following:

  1. Why you chose the image set you did?
  2. Compare the Elements and Principles of Design of each image (Balance, Colour, shape, balance, and texture).
  3. Rule of Thirds

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Assignment 6 – From the following list, pick one successful photographer and write a brief biography of the artist.  Include a selection of images.  Tell me why you chose this photographer and why you think this photographer is/was so successful.

  • Anne Geddes
  • Annie Leibovitz
  • Ansel Adams
  • Eddie Adams
  • Steve McCurry
  • Lewis Hine
  • Dorothea Lange
  • Baron Wolman
  • Robert Doisneau

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ImageChef Word Mosaic - This is an example of a word cloud/wordle.  For COM 1005 assignment 3 you could create a wordle, save it as a jpeg and then load it into any photo editing software to increase its artist value.  Give it a try, see what you come up with! 

Keep in mind this is only one option.  Other sites to check out:

Visual Composition Document

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Visual Composition

Assignment 2 (10%)

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What is typography and how does it relate to the Elements and Principles of Design?

Create a visual example explaining typographic terms and how they relate to the Elements and Principles of Design.

Distressed Typographic Art By Coulson MacLeod



 Amazing Typography Links!

Assignment 3 (70%)

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Produce visual compositions using a variety of media, eg., print, photography, video, animation, where a number of elements and principles of design are used and have an identifiable impact on the intent of the message. Identify copyright restrictions and permissions and put them into practice.

Present a selection of work completed in in the course to an audience and discuss work regarding:

  •  How the elements and principles of design help facilitate good composition in your work.
  • The technical and creative aspects of the work, such as the quality, uniqueness.
  • The areas where you may have encountered difficulty and/or concern.
  • How your work is appropriate for its’ intended audience; the school and community at large.
  • Add work to your portfolio with all details concerning medium, methods, purpose and date.

Assignment 4 (5%)

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  1. a critical analysis or evaluation of a subject, situation, literary work, etc.
  2. the act or art of criticizing; criticism.
  3. to analyze and evaluate.

 Class Critique:  In class we will be viewing various compositions and discussing them in terms of their visual composition. It is your responsibility to be present and actively involved in these discussions.  We will be viewing students’ work along with professional works to identify and constructively comment on the Elements and principles of Design used.

Assignment 1 (10%)

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Part 1: Identify and discuss the Elements and Principles of Design

You may create a powerpoint for this presentation or you may chose to use a simple word document.  Your final work can be emailed to me from your firstclass email account.

Part 2:  Visual Composition

Create a visual composition that demonstrates the Elements and Principles of Design at work.  You may chose to do a collage, photograph, drawing, ect.  Include a brief summary of how your work demonstrates what you have learned.