Assignment 5 – Class Presentation

On your personal blog create a presentation of your photographic work.  Each photograph will include a discussion on the following elements:

  • What aspect of the photographic triangle was most important in executing the shot?
  • What composition guidelines did you consider in the arrangement of your image?
  • The technical and creative aspects of your work.
  • Areas of challenge and difficulty if there was any.
  • The tools and equipment used.

Here is a link to a Photography Presentation.  The focus/theme is bugs.  The artist has a page with thumbnails of his images and text describing the images, process, and equipment, etc. There is a link for a slide show as well.  This is just an example!  The way you present your work is up to you, however please consider the Helpful Hints below!

Helpful Hints:

  • The work you select should flow, you can achieve this in many ways – have a theme, focus on a specific design element, unify your work with color, tone, texture, etc.. (be consistent with editing filters), focus on a specific subject…
  • The image itself is very important.  However, the discussion of your work is equally important if not more important for evaluation.  Your discussion should communicate critcal reflection and personal growth in your journey as a photographer. 
  • You should be using photographic vocabulary consistently and correctly while being critical of the work you are presenting. 
  • Keep your work streamlined and free of clutter.  This presentation is about the photos, not the background or borders you can put around them.  They should take center stage!
  • Keep your work appropriate for the school environment and community. 

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