Assignment 1 – COM1215


  1. What is aperture and does it control the amount of light entering the camera?
  2. Take a series of 6 photographs in which demonstrate how the aperture settings control depth of field.  Record all settings. For a visual explanation of short verses long depth of field click here!
  3. What is the relationship between aperture and shutter speed?  Which should be given priority and why?
  4. Identify common aperture types and common f-stops that are associated with each type: Single Detail F/2.8-4,  Snap Shot f/8-11, Story Telling f/16-22.
  5. Using the camera’s aperture priority mode  takes some of the guess work out.  By using this setting, you choose the aperture setting and the camera selects the “best” shutter setting and vise versa.  Take a series of 6 photographs using the camera’s aperture priority mode with depth of field emphasis as the clear intent.  These 6 images should have a clear focal point


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